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Game of Kings
Author: The FaQtory
This week’s competition was an epic game of Pass the Ace.
the Dianamo wins again

The Dianamo

The objective is to get the highest playing card (King). If you have a low card or an Ace you can steal the next player’s card. The player with lowest card in each round is out.


With the last Pass the Ace game still fresh on our minds, old rivalries resurfaced. Over many rounds, player after player was eliminated; their departure was punctuated by the rousing rendition of “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”. In the final battle, only Steph and Dian remained…but alas Dian (aka “the Dianamo”) walked away with yet another win. Until next recess…

March 09th, 2012
  l  Category: Recess